6 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated and Valued

6 ways to show employees appreciation

  1. Give your people a chance to be heard

A lot of employees leave a company when they feel like they are not being heard by the management. Therefore, you have to always listen to the grievances, ideas, and suggestions of your employees; it might be the best solution to a problem that you’re trying to solve. Once an idea is implemented, credit your team or the brilliant employee for those wonderful ideas.

  1. Be genuinely interested when talking to your employees

Ask your employees about their weekend and be genuinely interested to what they have to say.  Become “professionally personal” with them. Being personal with them will make them feel like you’re approachable, and that they can easily talk to you about anything that’s bothering them that’s affecting their performance at work.

  1. Recognize their accomplishments and reward them

Always personally congratulate an employee for doing good work. Rewarding your employee doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, the best recognition that you can give your employee are personal hand written notes to congratulate them, or a pat on the back for doing a job well done!

  1. Start a tradition that will make room for fun events

It’s fun to do something with your employees. Even the smallest event can help boost morale. You need to know what your employees love doing outside work and incorporate them into your office calendar. Be it a “Friday Pizza Party” or a monthly bowling game, events like these can be the best stress reliever to your employees, and can help form a bond between new and old employees, and also with the management. It’s little things like gathering that helps build culture within a organization.

  1. Challenge your employees with new projects to create a career path for them

Every employee wants to grow with the company. Create a career path for them by giving them new, challenging projects that will enable them to hone and improve on their skills. Giving your people tasks that are below their skill level will make your employees feel that they are not growing and that their talents or skills are be applied and challenge to develop them personally and professionally.

  1. Coach them with care and respect

The most important of all is to be a human being in treating your employees. There is nothing more rewarding for an employee than a manager/boss that cares and respects them.


Written by: Shirley Tan


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