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Our services tackle every ecommerce touch point. We offer a suite of services to match your needs.

Site Usability and Conversion Review, Google Analytics Data Interpretation and Customized Ecommerce Dashboard offer you usable data analysis and useful recommendations. Business Process Review, Process Workflow Improvement and Marketing Strategies will help you increase efficiency and strengthen your competitive advantage. Acquisitions and Exit Strategy can help you deal with growth and transition


Site Usability and Conversion Review

How does your site stack up against your competition? Use our site review to identify gaps and get recommendations for design improvements.


Business Financial Health Assessment

Struggling to make sense of the analytics data? Our data interpretation can help you translate it to marketing action, improved conversion and sales.


Business GPS Report

What are your business strength and weaknesses? Our comprehensive review tackles everything from vision to logistics and operations to sales.

04_Acquisition-Exit Strategy

Acquisition & Exit Strategy

Change, even growth, is a time of uncertainty. We help with acquisition plans, aid transition period and plan out exit strategy.


Marketing Systems, Strategies & Roadmap

Is your marketing strategy optimized? Are the various players in alignment? Our strategy analysis will help you with measurable metrics; ensure a cohesive approach.


Customize Ecommerce Dashboards

Are you using all the ecommerce tools available to you? We can help you with your data management: measure what matters, collect what is relevant and use it to increase accountability.


Process Work Flow Improvements

Is your workflow making sense? Is your business optimal? We work with you to help all the parts of your business come together smoothly.


Business Coaching & Mentoring

Sometimes, we just need someone to discuss what’s going on in our business life and its easier to confide to someone else that been there and done that and understand what you’re going through.

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