Marketing Strategies

  1. Marketing Systems,  Strategies  &  Roadmap
  • Collaborating with your team to optimize your marketing plan
  • Creating metrics to measure marketing campaigns
  • Collaborate marketing ideas with key stakeholder

Marketing can be a chaotic undertaking when a business has no cohesive strategy.

Your Concerns:

  1. Is your marketing message in-sync on your website, in your email marketing and social media promotions?
  2. Are you engaging your customer base effectively?
  3. Do your various departments work with measurable marketing goals?


 We can offer a review of your processes to make sure that everyone from production through sales has a clear idea of your marketing goals:

  •  We can help you define marketing milestones and goals.
  • We can help you work towards an integrated marketing strategy that addresses all aspects of your online business.
  • Metrics can help everyone understand expectations; it also helps in creating accountability.

Often time, there is lack of communication because team members are unsure on what should be communicated or the information is too fragmented, we will help you create a process to define what information is relevant and useful that can impact your strategic and tactic plans so that these crucial information are shared through out the organization, especially to the stakeholders.

Package 1 – $2500 – $5000.00

  • Strategy
    • Ideal Client – Persona Development
    • Vision and Core Values
    • Core Messaging targeting each persona
  • Customer Journey
    • Develop Marketing Plan to focus on customer journey
  • Content Strategy
    • Content Roadmap
    • Marketing Calendar

Package 2  – $5000.00 -7500.00

  • Includes all of Package 1
  • Lead Generation
    • PPC/Advertising
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media
  • Lead Conversion
    • Nurture
    • Transaction
    • Referral

Package 3 – $10,000 – $25,000.00

  • All of Package 1
  • All of Package 2
  • Planning Roadmap
    • Priorities
    • Organization Development
    • KPI’s Dashboards
    • Budget
    • Process development


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