eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Facebook for eCommerce

The Problem/Opportunity

Facebook connects people. As such, it has also become a powerful marketing tool that creates a bridge between customers and businesses. However, many marketers fail to fully maximize Facebook for eCommerce by inadvertently committing mistakes that hurt their marketing efforts.

The Solution

Before anything else, is it going to be a group or a fan page? Groups allow interaction on a smaller scale while pages can have unlimited number of fans – beyond the 5,000-friend limit. For businesses, fan pages are ideal. However, targeting Facebook users doesn’t stop with creating a Fan page and collecting lots of fans.

  • Plan Your First Steps

Know how to connect with Facebook’s massive audience in a significant way. Take time to consider a few things: Who are you targeting? How can you invite fans? What is your message?

  • Create a Strategy

Not having a clear social media strategy is the first mistake any marketer can make. Don’t assume that once you’ve built your page, people will come and “like” it. You still need to plan – when to post updates, what news or links to share, where to promote the page, etc.

  • Do Not Focus on the Number of Fans

Focus instead on having an interesting page. Users “like” pages that are appealing. Share relevant news and articles that will engage your fans. You can also run contests and campaigns related to your brand.

  • Be Active on Your Page

Having a fan page with no admin activity is worse than not having a page at all. Take note – people can “unlike” your page faster than they liked it. Aside from posting regularly, show your fans that you care by monitoring their page activities and responding to their queries and comments.

In the Long Run

Facebook can help drive traffic to your eCommerce site and provide leads. Incorporate it into your marketing strategy for a cost-effective way of connecting with customers, old and new alike, wherever they are.

Getting to “eCommerce heaven” is a marathon, not a sprint – but you can get better every week.

By: Shirley Tan

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eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Facebook for eCommerce

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