eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Most Common Reasons Why Customers Call

The Problem/Opportunity

With all the hubbub surrounding social media, mobile marketing and other new communication trends, retailers sometimes ignore the most useful communication tool a company can have – the telephone. You can send emails, create fan pages or tweets, but many customers still prefer to talk to a human being when it comes to customer service.

The Solution

Include a business phone number on your website’s contact information. Being accessible to customers will increase credibility – people are more comfortable dealing with online businesses that do not hide their phone numbers.  Generally, a person’s impulse is to grab the phone when he or she wants to:

  • Complain

Contrary to what most business owners think, customer complaints can benefit a business (as long as they are fair and able to be remedied). Dealing with complaints gives you an opportunity to identify problem areas and take care of them. A phone conversation gives customers a more personal touch, assuring them that a complaint is heard and that it will be taken seriously.

  • Ask service-related questions

Your website can only cover so many details. And even with FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, customers may still have lingering questions about payment, warranty, technical procedures, troubleshooting and shipping (when will my product actually arrive?).

  • Buy products

Turn casual visitors into customers by giving them your phone number to call for order inquiries (some just need reassurance over the phone).  A potential customer may assume that you are an expert in your field and seek advice on what to order before making a purchase. This is your chance to give them your two cents and offer product recommendations (upsell).

In the Long Run

Knowing the most common reasons why customers call can help you prepare appropriate responses that customer service reps should have on hand (use scripts for consistency). You’ll be well on your way to having an excellent customer service hotline that adds value to your business and improves the overall customer experience.

Getting to “eCommerce heaven” is a marathon, not a sprint – but you can get better every week.

By: Shirley Tan

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eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Most Common Reasons Why Customers Call

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