New Year's Resolution For Your Ecommerce Business

How to Make the Right New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

 The beginning of the year is an appropriate time to look back on what you did last year, the results, and to make new plans and resolutions for this year.  But how do you know what resolutions to make if you don’t spend some time thinking about where your business is at currently and what you’ve done wrong?

Looking Back

To know how to improve, you first have to look at where you have been.  Did you meet your goals for 2012?  If not, why?  Look at what you did over the year that you are proud of.  Maybe you got your website up or started a blog.

Now, take a look at the things that didn’t turn out so well or things you screwed up.  Did you miss out on some opportunities for advertising that could’ve benefited your business?  Maybe you spent a lot of time on a Twitter account or Facebook page that didn’t give you the ROI you anticipated.

Look at what didn’t work for you, drop it, and move to something else more productive.  Don’t be stubborn and stick with ideas that didn’t benefit your business.  If the idea was that good, you need to figure out how to make it work this year.  For example, learning more about Twitter or getting help on setting up your Facebook page.

Plan Ahead

Figure out what your goals are for 2013.  If they are some of the same ones you didn’t achieve in 2012, you’d better figure out why and make the changes or you’ll end up with the same results.  You can’t expect different results with the same actions.  You have a whole new year in front of you, a clean slate.  This is a prime time to make those changes and achieve the goals you want for your business.

Make sure your goals are realistic.  Don’t get carried away with everything you want to do, because not all of it can happen at once.  When you set unrealistic goals, you often end up frustrated because you set yourself up to fail.

Get Others Involved

There is strength in numbers, which is why it is important to get your employees on board with your resolutions for the New Year.  To do this, get everyone together and find out how they feel about the company and where you are headed.  Listen to gripes they have or complaints about their department or other departments.  Don’t interrupt and don’t criticize; you will have  your turn to talk, now let them have theirs.

Once everyone has had a chance to air their complaints without interruption, it is time to ask for recommendations on how to fix the problems.  You need to listen and find the nuggets you can use that will benefit the company.  Often, an employee’s perspective can be a valuable resource for a business owner, so take advantage of it.  Getting them involved also allows them to feel like they are providing a contribution, which enhances their loyalty and interest in the company.  And isn’t that what you want?

Take the time to learn from last year’s mistakes and successes and set reasonable expectations for this year with the help of your staff to have a successful 2013.

By: Shirley Tan


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