eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Mobile Trends and Opportunities

The Problem/Opportunity:

Shopping through mobile web browsers is a growing trend, thanks to cutting-edge smart phone technology. Experts believe that within five years, mobile shopping will account for a significant percentage of ecommerce activity as shoppers are expected to spend more than a hundred billion dollars in mobile payments by 2015. You won’t want to miss out on getting a share of this growing segment, but the question is: Is your website mobile-friendly? Are you prepared to take on the challenges of mobile ecommerce?

The Solution:

Optimizing your website for mobile users will allow your business to benefit from the mobile commerce market; however, heed the following points to effectively market your site to mobile users.

  • Adapting to the platform’s limitations

Leave out complicated features and large images that can slow down page loading. Use a website creation wizard to build a version of your site from scratch with a width and layout fit for mobile browsers. Network Solutions is one provider that offers easy to use and low-cost wizards for this purpose. But if you prefer to just configure your existing website for mobile accessibility, you could use the services of UnBound Commerce if you have a Yahoo Store.

  • Making the site user-friendly

Easy navigation and readability are basics to creating the best user experience. Avoid too many sub-pages and make sure that users can easily find their way back to the home page. Place all the important details up front. Make sure pages are easy to read. Once your user is on your mobile site, don’t ask them to shop the your regular site that isn’t optimized for mobile browsers.  ( are you listening?

  • Simplifying the checkout process

Shopping cart abandonment happens when a site requires a customer to fill out too many fields and mobile shoppers will be even more sensitive to this. Use a simple single-click checkout process to speed customers’ transactions. Users will also feel secure making credit card purchases since there’s no need to enter sensitive information, such as username and pin code. Billing Revolution is one of a number of service providers that offers streamlined and secured mobile checkout for smart phones.

In The Long Run:

Your mobile site will expand your horizons, and with the continuous development in mobile ecommerce solutions, getting a piece of the mobile market will become much simpler and cost-efficient.

Getting to “eCommerce heaven” is a marathon, not a sprint – but you can get better every week.

By: Shirley Tan

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eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Mobile Trends and Opportunities

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