Ecommerce Systems – Rebranding to Yes Again Marketing

Hi and Welcome to  my new website.

You probably found this page because you entered www.ecommercesystems . com into your search browser or you read my book Ecom Hell, how to make money and not get burned in ecommerce.

So, what’s happening? I’m rebranding. YAY!


Reason # 1 –  Because I am meeting more and more clients and prospect that are interested not just in ecommerce but also have a brick and mortar or physical location for their business and they want more marketing help.

Reason # 2 – Because for the last 3 years of consulting, I realize that my knowledge and expertise covers not just ecommerce but actually marketing and operational efficiency.

Reason # 3 – I love making the cash register ring. I have always run the marketing department when I had my own business and its the one aspect of running a business that I truly enjoy. The gurus say that “love what you do” and I hear that loud and clear.

Reason # 4 – This is the best reason of all. I believe that there are so much opportunities in a business that can still be optimized if the marketing is done “right”. What is missing is STRATEGY. Most business owners are tactical, they’re all over the map and distracted with the latest, perceived greatest flavor of the month tactics that simply doesn’t work or  ineffective because they failed to look at the overall strategy and goal of their business.

The purpose and the mission of Yes Again Marketing is to help entrepreneurs understand their marketing message and to create a system that continues to stay on track of focusing on your core target audience that will know, like , trust and refer your business as well as keep doing business you repeatedly, over a extended amount of time. Its about creating value that your customer not only understand but appreciate and want to pay you $$$ for. Its about getting your customers to YES again and again and again.

This is the aspect that I want to focus my energy on to make a difference. I love business, if you know me or already know me or get to know me, you’ll know this to be fact,  I am unapologetically one dimensional, I love talking about business, any business.  I may be tired, but if business is the topic of discussion, I’ll perk up in jiffy.


If you hire me to help you with your marketing strategy for your business, our focus will be on creating a system that is sustainable, that is independent of you as the business owner and its repeatable by your employees.

Our goals with be to meet your company mission, your vision and meet your financial goals. Our goals will also to build an asset that you can continue to grow. In the event you wish to sell (cash out) you will have added so much value that makes your business attractive to other investors to acquire.


Well, you probably already know a little about me, that’s how you got here, but just in case you don’t, you can read more about me here. As you get to know me, you’ll also know that I hate talking about myself. Other people are just so much more interesting to me..


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