Make Money Sending Traffic Away?

What if you could still make money by sending your traffic to your brick & mortar competition; would you do it?

I came across this article and I thought, “wow, that is actually a cool idea.” Lots of consumers do their research online, but really want to buy it locally, so they can see and touch the goods before buying. Instead of having your website’s visitor run all over town, why not set up a “coopetition” with local brick & mortar competitors in different parts of the country, using a zip code finder? Should they choose to buy it locally, you’re steering your visitor to these stores and becoming a resource/directory for local stores. This would be like a reverse affiliate program, where your website serves as a catalog resource, pushing traffic to the local suppliers. You could use your website’s traffic to garner a piece of the business that you are NOT partaking in because you have no local physical presence.

Now, where it would get complex is when attempting to track your role in the local sale, but that’s another subject matter, and certainly something to think about. Does anyone have any experience with this program? Would you know how the online merchant can keep tabs on his share of the revenue?

To read the article I’m referring to, click here

By: Shirley Tan


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